Py and Pogo

I used to live near Pogo, because he was in Jersey before me. Colman talked about him from time to time. I never met Py either, but we heard a lot about him and his friend Archi.  So anyway, we’re talking about Py and Pogo today.

Py lived with Auntie Nixi.  His real name was Pythagoras, and Archi’s name was Archimedes.  Apparently they were very famous scientists.

Hey mommy, I'm ready to come out now; photo Image0634.jpg

Py was a very pretty pig, and got up to lots of mischief.  Mummy wrote them into her books as the landlord of the Cheeky Parrot, the inn at Castle Wash, but they have other business interests and Py turns up in a lot of other places too, mostly in Bravo Victor.  I expect he and Archi will turn up again.

Pogo is also in the books.  He is from the Vexstein family along with Darcy, Mr Smallweed and someone else I’ve forgotten.  They are all lords and barons and things.  Well, Pogo isn’t but he will be, probably.  Mummy says he’ll be there right at the end, too, which is a clue.  I don’t know quite what she means by that, but Mummy does mysterious things sometimes and I just blink wisely at her.



Oscar sits in the cage next door to me and Dougall and sticks his nose into our business.  He spends nearly all his time looking into my cage and irritating me.  He’s not very old, about nine months now, and he’s been with us since he was four months.  He came with Midge, and they fell out and now Midge lives upstairs.

They both run around on the floor in the morning (separately) and wheek loudly for attention.  They’re very noisy rex guinea pigs with tight curly hair.  Very odd, unless you like that sort of thing.

I always come in when Oscar comes along as he’s a cheeky monkey and annoys me.  I’m the boss and he ought to give me proper respect.  I think it’s disgraceful that he should try and jump on me and Dougall, and make out he’s in charge.  I’m in charge, and that’s that.  Mummy takes me in before I have to make my point forcefully.  She’s been a bit late on a couple of occasions, and I’ve given Oscar a right telling off, I can tell you.  He’s an upstart!  I wish he hadn’t come here.  And I wish he wasn’t in Humphrey and Victor’s cage.

OK Dylan, maybe I should finish this post for you… Kevin here, the voice of reason.  Oscar is a very nice chap, and of course he’s cheeky at his age.  He’s got the same sort of look about him as the famous Buddy Bunchkins.  The trouble is, he’s got film star looks and the personality to go with it, and frankly, I think Dylan’s jealous.  Dylan’s also not really got over Humphrey leaving, and Oscar and Midge arriving so quickly afterwards.  I expect Mummy will give him a cuddle and tell him he’s a funny old thing later.  And maybe we’ll all get a piece of cucumber to cheer us up.

Norman and Nimrod

Norman and Nimrod both belonged to Auntie Doris and Uncle Bob.

 photo IMG_3107_zps4ab38c2e.jpg

Norman was a funny looking chap – he didn’t have any hair!  They called him a ‘skinny pig’ and apparently it’s quite normal, he wasn’t ill or anything.  Mummy says there are lots of animals that normally have hair that now have strains that have none.  It’s evolution in action, or something.  She says Fred would have understood, but I don’t, and I don’t really care.  Norman looks funny until you get used to him, and then you find out he’s a really nice chap.  He had a son called George, who’s in the picture with him, and he had a son with Glory, and she’s the daughter of Blackbird.  It all gets terribly complicated at Auntie Doris and Uncle Bob’s house.

Nimrod was there too.  She was a long-haired Himmy (like Lupin-Buckmore), with a dark smudge on her nose, ears and feet.  Mummy asked Auntie Doris why she had a man’s name, since in Greek mythology Nimrod was the Hunter.  Auntie Doris says Nimrod is named after a plane, and it had a black nose too.  Ah! That all makes sense now.  I think.

 photo 008-28.jpg

Nimrod won lots and lots of prizes at shows.  She was very beautiful.  Mummy put her in the books as the wise and beautiful Lady Nimrod from Buckmore.  She’s very clever too, and has a small but essential part in lots of the books.

Mariusz – and Midge

What is there to say about Mariusz that hasn’t been written in loads of Mummy’s books, and on the blog when he died, and in Auntie Dawn’s blog too?  Mariusz was an American black and white crested Guinea Pig With Attitude.  He was the Attitude-most pig in the world until I came along, but I don’t think I’ve caught up with him yet.

Mariusz himself

He would roam around Auntie Dawn’s apartment poking his nose into everything, food bags, sofas, magazines, dirty underclothes (mm, must try that some time), and even iPhone cords (Very tasty, he said, but that wasn’t what Auntie Dawn said!).

He lived with the very quiet and sensible Saku and both of them got into Mummy’s first book The Princelings of the East.  Then Mummy was sad she couldn’t write more about him because he was ‘the baddie’, so he got his own book, The Traveler in Black and White, which is written in American because he tells it himself.  He turns up in Bravo Victor as well.  And Mummy says he’ll be in Book Seven, currently called the Chronicles of Willoughby the Narrator, and he’ll also be in the last book of the series.  That’s not fair, I haven’t been in any of the main books yet (although I do have one of my own).

Some people suggested Mummy shouldn’t have a guinea pig on the front of her books, so she’s going to change the cover, to something like this (it’s just a draft).  What do you think?

Mariusz is a legend.  I’m trying to be like him.

PS  Mummy has just complained that I haven’t introduced Midge to you.  Well, I don’t know him very well since he fell out with his brother about a week after they moved into Humphrey and Victor’s cage and he’s lived upstairs with Kevin and Colman ever since.  He seems like a nice chap, although a bit noisy when he has his run on the kitchen floor in the morning.  He’s a rex breed of guinea pig.  Funny curly coat.  I’ll say some more about him and his brother when we get to O for…

Midge again



Lupin-Buckmore was one of the most famous piggies that ever belonged to Auntie Doris and Uncle Bob, except possibly for the legendary Blackbird.  He was a pig with attitude, although he was also rumoured to be a bit… well, stupid.  He’d do odd things, and act like he didn’t know what was going on.  He had long legs and Auntie Doris said he was really funny when he walked.

When Mummy wrote him into her books as Prince Lupin of Buckmore, she made him at the kind of person who tries not to look clever but covers up with seeming a bit stupid.  I think that’s Lupin-Buckmore all right.  Just giving those humans the idea he was daft, so they didn’t realise his secret mission.


That’s him in the hat, having a wedding ceremony with two lovely ladies, one of whom is Kira.  He’s a Himalayan breed of guinea pig, with the white coat and dark chocolate points.  Called ‘Himmy’ for short. The brown guy is Baden.  He was Lupin’s sidekick in the stories, too.  Lupin’s very handsome, if you like that sort of thing.

Kevin and Kira

Here I am!!  I’m Kevin!

Kevin in the chairThis is my “I’m just sitting quietly waiting for my breakfast” look. I’m a crested short-haired golden and white mis-marked Dutch guinea pig.  Although I am English.  I’m about four and a half years old and I come from Jersey.  I came with my friend Colman to live here three years ago at the end of this month.  It’s very different from our old home, but I like it a lot, and Mummy is good fun.  I sit next to her desk and watch her type, which is how I know how to work this thing.

I’m in Mummy’s books as Prince Kevin of Deeping.  She says I’m going to be a big part of the last book, which is good as I’m only a small part of Book 5, and a tiny part of book 6.  She says she has Plans for me.  Sounds good!

There’s another piggy beginning with K in the books, that’s Princess Kira of Dimerie who became Queen Kira of Marsh.  It’s all very complicated, to me, at any rate.

The real Kira belonged to Uncle Bob and Auntie Doris and she was a beautiful Himalayan piggy with dark points.  She won lots of prizes at shows. There’ll be a picture of her tomorrow.

I’ve never been to a show, but I have won a prize for a photograph.


Jasmine, Jemima and Jersey – and Jupiter

Mostly we’ve been talking about real guinea pigs that Kevin and I know, or know about through family history or our underground network.  A lot of the time they are also characters in our Mummy’s books.  She’s Jemima Pett, and the books are the Princelings of the East series.  And, surprisingly since there are so many names beginning with J, including Jemima, there doesn’t seem to be a character with a name starting with J.

Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 11.19.04

Oh yes there is, says Mummy, there’s Jupiter of Jupiter’s bar, the famous hostelry at Castle Buckmore, who moves to Castle Marsh and becomes an important person there.

Oh.  Sorry, Mummy, I didn’t realise.  And Jupiter is based on one of Auntie Doris and Uncle Bob’s piggies.  Although he’s a he, not a she.  Jupiter is a God in Greek mythology.  Why would Jupiter be a female piggy in the stories?

Why would Nimrod be a female? asks Mummy, but she’s named after Uncle Bob and Auntie Doris’ female piggy…

Oh, this is all very complicated.

Well, Jasmine is a character who hasn’t got a guinea pig named for her… yet.  She will appear in a big role in the last book, although she’s already been mentioned in Bravo Victor because she’s King Fred and Queen Kira’s daughter!

Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 11.13.40

And the only other J I want to mention is Jersey, because that’s where I was born.  It’s an island in the English Channel, and it’s very nice with sandy beaches and rolling hills and a castle the Princelings would like.  And I was very grateful to Auntie Kate for rescuing me and introducing me to Colman.  But now my mummy is Jemima, and that begins with a J.

Isle of Mull

I couldn’t think of any of our friends and acquaintances with names beginning with I, so I asked Mummy and she said to post something else beginning with I.  But not I as in me, although that is a fascinating subject that I’m sure you’d like more of.

There are pictures of Fred, George, Victor and Hugo on the Isle of Mull hanging on the wall opposite my cage.  Like this one.


It looks very nice there, even if the grass is a bit short.  You can read more about their trip to Mull under the “Tales from the Hutch” menu in the bar below the pictures of piggies in the garden (or whatever our header picture is today).

Victor used to tell us about the Isle of Mull.  It’s a very long way away and it took them two days to get there.  They were in their boxes in the spare cage with a bag of hay between them to keep the boxes secure. On some trips they could come out and run around on the grass in a run like the one in the picture.

Picnic on the way to Scotland

Picnic on the way to Scotland

One time it was cold and raining when they stopped and Mummy just opened the boxes for some fresh air, and quiet and peace from the moving of the car.  They stayed with Mummy’s cousin half way, and would get to the seaside early afternoon.  Then it got very noisy indeed, and all dark, and then they were taken in their boxes out of the car and up some stairs,  They were on a ferry from the mainland to the Isle of Mull.  It sounds very romantic.  And then they had to go back down to the car, and because they’d been in their boxes for a very long time, Mummy used to stop at this place (the one in the top picture) for them to have a rest before the last hour of the journey, across the island on very bumpy roads.

Fred on holiday

And when they got there they stayed in a little cottage in the travel cages, and ate yummy grass every afternoon, although Mummy always sat with them so the eagles and ravens didn’t come and eat them!

I think I’d like to go to the Isle of Mull.  Mummy says we’ll go again when there’s only four of us again.


Hugo, Humphrey and Hector

What a lot of Hs we have.  Or did have.  I only knew Humphrey and Hector.

Hugo 090109

Hugo died not long after George.  But he was Victor’s friend and Victor was our Uncle piggy and looked after Dougall and me when we were tiny.  So Victor told us about him.  He was cheeky and wise and into everything.  Show him a bag and he was in it, checking out what had been in it before.  Show him some plastic and he’d chew it.  He even chewed a hole in a wire for Mummy’s phone and it would ring but Mummy couldn’t use it any more.  She has phones that don’t have wires now.  Well, not on the outside.


When Hugo first went into the rescue he looked huge, so he was nicknamed Huge Hugo.  After he’d been here some time he started having tummy trouble, and lost weight.  He looked like an ordinary piggy then. Although Mummy tried hard to make him better, he got sick and eventually died.  Mummy says we (me and Dougall) are much Huger than he ever was, though.  And it’s not just hair.  (flexes muscles)

Humphrey and Hector

Humphrey and Hector

Humphrey was in the rescue with Hector a few years later.  They had been found in a flat that had been empty for a month.  Just left to starve.  They were both still skinny after being in the rescue for a month.  Hector had been eating Humphrey’s hair.  Good thing Humphrey had long hair.  I liked Humphrey.  He  lived next door to me and we ran around with him and Uncle Victor when it was run time.  Humphrey was very patient with me, and didn’t mind me jumping on him at all.  Although he did get bored and wander off to find somewhere quiet for a snooze or a bite to eat when he could.


Hector started pushing Humphrey around and making him all upset, about the time when we were getting big enough to live on our own, and also when Colman and Kevin arrived.  Mummy moved people around so Victor and Humphrey lived together, and Hector lives in the cage opposite us on his own.  Well, he didn’t really get on with anyone.  Not even Mummy.  He used to bite her if her fingers were anywhere near his head.  She was very kind to him and now he knows he was silly and he cuddles up to Mummy especially when she gives him things to make him feel better.  He’s got bad teeth like George used to have.  Mummy thinks it was because of something called mal-new-trishon when he was young.  He was only about three months old when he was abandoned.  It must be horrid to be abandoned.  Mummy says he was just a juvenile delinquent who didn’t know any better.  Now he knows better, and he’s a very loving guinea pig.

Hector's mellow fruitfulness

He won a prize for this photo.  He does look sweet in it, doesn’t he?

Humphrey and Hugo are both in Mummy’s books.  Humphrey stars in The Talent Seekers and Hugo turns up in a lot of them, especially Traveler in Black and White.  Hugo turns up everywhere, like he always did!

So that’s my H post today – about Humphrey, Hector and Hugo.

Three Hs and Hec's birthday cake


avatar_georgeGeorge.  Where would we be without him?

We wouldn’t have this blog, or a facebook page, or the upstairs run, or strawberry juice power plants, probably not even the Princelings of the East, although that really is both him and Fred.

George Forum MechanicYesterday I told you that Fred was the natural philosopher, the thinker.  Well, George was The Engineer.  He was even the Forum Mechanic on the Rodents with Attitude forum.  He took his duties very seriously, and when people asked for his advice he generally started his answers “well, I’m only a guinea pig, but…”  He was very polite and very wise.  So was Fred, but Fred didn’t really get into blogging and forums.  Not like George.  And George’s engineering genius is one of the key things (Mummy says use the word ‘cornerstones’ but I don’t know what that means) of the Princelings of the East series.

You think I’m exaggerating?  Well, look at the page on redesigns for grassy hutches.  He did that.  Have you seen the enormous run he designed, with ramps and different levels and room for lots of pigs?  He did that.  Vic and Dougall and I lived in for a bit, until Kevin and Colman needed it.  But he designed it and he and Fred enjoyed it for a whole six months before George died.

He had a lot of illness, George did.  Mainly abscesses on his neck and under his teeth.  He had very bad teeth.  That’s why Mummy went on dental course to learn how to help him.  He was so good – there are loads of pictures of him when he’s recovering from operations, still looking happy and enjoying life.  He used to just lie back and let himself be wrapped up, too.  I hate lying on my back.

Everyone says George was the best pig anyone could ever know, and you know something – I’m not even jealous.  Maybe he was.  I wish I’d met him.


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