Fresh February Grass

Mummy was out for over an hour today, in the garden we think, although she may have gone to her other garden.  She has two now, one is at the new Village Hall.  That’s not hers, though.  She just spends time there.

And we reckoned, if it was sunny and she was out all that time, there must be some grass in the garden.  So when she came back we wheeked and looked starving, and Dougall did a great job of looking sad and hard-done-by.

And it worked!

Fresh February grass

Here’s Kevin with his share of the spoils :)  It was delicious.  It didn’t last long, though.

Oh no, another bath!

We had ANOTHER bath the other day.   I don’t know why we have to have so many.  It must be our third in six months. “we” is me and Dougall of course.  I don’t think the others ever have a bath.  Oscar and Midge haven’t that’s for sure.  I think Kevin and Colman had two last year.  Hec had one too.  But we get LOADS!


Mummy cut our hair afterwards when it was still wet.  She said I looked like a Chinese dog in the bath, with a funny skinny neck and long flowing locks.  I think she meant my coat was long.  It was till she cut it.  I was very good sitting having my hair cut.  I only tried to jump off once.  Then later, when we were watching the people flying through the air on skis, she cut my toenails as well.  I hate having my toenails cut.  I don’t think Mummy likes doing it either.  It was easier to run around on the floor afterwards, though.

She blew hot air over us to dry our hair, too.  She said we have to be fully dry because of the cold nights.  It’s not that cold, Mummy.  But I like the hot air, anyway.

PS We had “Posh ‘n’ Go” shampoo this time.

Monday is Mariusz Day

Mariusz himselfIt’s four years since Uncle Mariusz left Auntie Dawn and Uncle Wayne and went to the Rainbow Bridge.  I think Auntie Dawn will be extra sad today because after Mariusz went, she got Willoughby, and of course he went earlier this month too. :( Read more of this post

Uncle Willoughby

We’re all really upset and sending love to Auntie Dawn, Uncle Wayne, Atticus, Peepers and Tweek, because of the sudden passing of our friend Willoughby.

Mummy is extra upset because she was working on his story all morning.

We’ll all really miss him.  We’ll be in mourning for him for the next seven weeks.

I think Dougall’s ok

Dougall went back to have his lump removed, and I went with him again, to make sure he knew what was going on around him.  I stuck really close to him, even when we came home.

D&D snuggled after op

Read more of this post

I took Dougall to the vet

Well, Mummy took both of us in our box, of course.  I don’t drive.  I would, I’d be brilliant, but I can’t reach the wheel and the pedals at the same time.

Dougall’s had a lump on his hip, and Mummy thought it was a fatty lump that would go in time.  Then it got crusty and yucky and she decided it had to go to the vet.  Since it was attached to Dougall, he had to go too.  And I went because I go everywhere with Dougall to make sure he knows what’s going on and isn’t scared. Read more of this post

We got loads of yummy treats for Christmas

We’ve been here three years

As far as I’m concerned I’ve been here all my life.  But today’s the date that Mummy and Auntie Vikki brought Dougall and me home from the place where we were born three years ago, when we were three weeks old. Read more of this post

Guinea pig book raffle

Mummy here.  I thought you’d like to join in with a festive Giveaway that is running on my Princelings of the East website, and on my writer’s blog. The first prize is a delightful book that I won in a Giveaway last year – but it’s in excellent condition and only read once… Read more of this post


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