Seven weeks went by

Seven weeks went by and we changed from end of summer to deep dark, damp winter.  That’s what it seems like anyway.  It’s a long time since Humphrey left us and Midge and Oscar came.

It’s an even longer time since Fred left the house, and Dougall and I weren’t even alive then.  Yesterday was his Thinking day and Mummy thought about him a lot.  She talked to me about him during our morning cuddle too.  She said only Hector remembers Fred, George, and Hugo now, and I should learn all I can from him so I can pass on their wisdom to the next generation. Continue reading Seven weeks went by

Midge creates mayhem

Dylan here, reporting on the newbies.

We’ve been getting along fine really.  Midge keeps trying to tell me that he’s bigger and better than me, and biting the bars and trying to stand up taller than me.  I just lie in my hammock and let him.  Young upstart.  I seem to remember I did that for a while.  I’ve been enjoying watching him and Oscar, though, especially when it’s floor time and I watch them patiently from the other side of the run panels. Continue reading Midge creates mayhem

All quiet here

It’s all quiet here at the Famous Five’s hang-out.  I don’t know why because Humphrey was very quiet.  I suppose Dougall and I are feeling a bit down and there’s a big empty cage next to us.  It’s a bit scary to tell the truth.

Mummy says we’re in mourning for seven weeks as usual, and that takes us to 19th November.  That’s a long way away.  It’s the day after Fred’s anniversary and it’s only a week before our birthday :O Continue reading All quiet here

Bath time!

After our run in the kitchen this morning, Mummy took me and Dougall upstairs for a bath!  It was lovely and warm.  First we had our grease glands cleaned and washed off. Dougall had all his back end hair degreased as well because he gets so mucky.  Then we went in the bath and got shampooed – twice!  We had Posh & Go for our shampoo because it’s good for long hair and stops it getting ‘flyaway’.  I hope it keeps the flies away too. Continue reading Bath time!

Big Carrots

Kevin had a go at me for not posting here more often.  It’s not that easy, you know, since I’m downstairs and he’s up here.  It takes longer to do a nice post than ‘update his status’ on Facebook.  He promised you a photo of the huge carrots that Uncle Mo gave us from his garden.  Mummy made one of them into a carrot cake, which she said was very tasty.  We just enjoyed them as carrots, thank you very much. Continue reading Big Carrots

Tales from the hutch


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